How to write a good college essay

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This is the same type of essay, which we used to call “essay-reasoning” in Russian. Its main feature is the presence of arguments that reveal the topicfrom different (preferably opposite) points of view. The plan is as follows: Introduction: state the subject (issue) of the essay in your own words. Main part: state at least two opposite views of the problem. You should not express your own opinion, speak neutrally, put the verbs in the form of the second person. Conclusion: you can finish the essay with your own conclusion or briefly confirm that the problem affected does not have a definite solution, and each approach has the right to exist. complex type of essay in English. His task is to check your vocabulary.

The theme of such an essay is any global, well-known problem. You need to tell how you can solve it and or how to deal with it. In terms of terms, it looks like this: Introduction: in your own words, tellthe theme (problem) of the essay. The main part: state the information that you own on this issue. Explain why a solution is preferred to solve the problem. Show that you can name and explain causes and effects in English. Conclusion: summarize, once again arguing the selected point of view. Even if there is no direct reference to the text style in the exam, you will immediately understand how to write an essay, depending on the topic.

For example, to a topic about a sport, an essay may contain arguments for (health) and against (injuries). The topic of ecology will be. There are certain phrases, even phrases that help write an essay in English. Their first advantage is that you have certain “points of support”, guidelines for building proposals. And second, they give the examiners to understand that you own these speech constructs and can correctly apply them in the text. Here are examples ofbasic verbal cliches for an essay in English: Try not to repeat the same words. It will be great if you can enrich the synonymic series with emotional words from this list. Even if the sentences are similar in structure, use synonyms.

For example, to oppose: but, however, on the other hand, yet; for examples: for example, that is; for additions: similarly, moreover, furthermore, in addition; for enumerations: then, after that, ultimately; Finally: therefore, consequently, as a result, thus. And remember pure and laconic speech is always preferable to florid and complex, in which you yourself are confused. Think and structure first to understand exactly how to write an essay in English. Then on paper the text will turn out to be collapsible and without errors. Good luck on the exam!