How to write a book title in an essay

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How to evaluate the cost of ordering an abstract

The exact cost of an essay ready for delivery is usually determined individually, since it depends directly on many factors:

urgency of order

academic discipline

topic complexity

volume of essay

the need to add drawings, drawings, graphs, diagrams, etc.

and the most important point is to which university will give the abstract

Some essays should be accompanied by some practical tasks. For example, if we are talking about a mathematical university or just about school work in mathematics, then there may be required practical knowledge in the form of solving certain problems or functions. This is the most costly stage in writing such works. Many students order solving problems separately from writing the theory, so in this situation they have to pay a fair amount. If you contact the company with the question whether it is possible to order an essay along with its practical part, then they must help with this problem.

The average price of the abstract in 2019

The price of assistance in the preparation of the essay can vary from 700 to 10 thousand rubles for postgraduate abstracts. The average cost of a standard essay to order is now about 1 thousand rubles, and this amount includes guarantees and possible modifications according to the requirements of your supervisor. Usually, the old participants of the “abstract market” accompany you with a successful presentation of the essay and promptly make changes.

By the way, if you stumble upon too cheap offers with a price cheaper than 700 rubles, most likely you will be sold a downloaded essay with machine processing to increase originality. You must understand for 600 rubles to write a unique essay is impossible! Therefore, the minimum prices in companies are voiced solely for the purpose of advertising!