How to start an argumentative essay

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When taking notes, you pay attention (after making the appropriate decision) to those points that are key (both a theoretical or general argument, and anempirical argument or a case study of a specific issue).

Outlining, you select relevant material and develop your understanding of theoretical positions and or empirical arguments (that is, what kind of facts either confirm a certain position or refute it).

It should be noted that when reading some texts you take more notes than others because they will be useful to you in further work or have more relevance to the problem you are interested in, and or are more interesting and or more informative with theoretical or empirical points of view. Then the material you read is divided into one that is of greater and lesser interest to you for the reasons given above.

We offer you the following note-taking method: divide your notebook into two columns. In the left you make a summary of the material you are reading, and in the right (at the same time or later) you carry out a comparative analysis of the contents of this abstract with other facts that you previously read, heard (in lectures), which you discussed (in the class tutorials or in an informal setting), as well as with your own comments and criticisms of the text you are reading. In other words, you use your notes to build cross-references, based on your own thoughts, formulations, data, as well as including your own comments.

There is a certain conditional relationship between the quality and amount of reading material: how you read and how much you read. In general, it is better to read less, but better than read more and worse. For the latter leads to misunderstanding, misjudgment and destruction of the connection between argumentation and facts.

This means that a very important point is the choice of material for reading: for each specific topic you should first read two or three key articles or book chapters, 8 of which, for example, provide a clear conceptual framework or theoretical reasoning, and or provide comprehensive empirical data (and, asfar as possible, the most recent data), and or a wide range of literature on this topic is considered and evaluated. Such a strategic reading will initiate the formation of some key landmarks on the topic (including various interpretations and discussions), which will serve as some foundation for the directionand development of your further reading.